Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Morning Update from Mary

Good Morning!

We all had a great day yesterday. The youth are sorted among their missions groups and had a good time at missions and in Bible study. I cannot say enough good things about all of them. They are real troopers. We have been on every form of public transportation and dragged luggage halfway across the US and they are going strong. I did my best to post the pictures Mart had in mind when he made his original posts. We had trouble with the upload speed in NYC. We have a strong internet connection here at Gordon College so maybe no more trouble.

For your reading entertainment I will share my adventure into Boston yesterday. I drove into Boston to be with Brooke, Laurie, and Jim during Brooke's surgery. Brooke's surgery was successful and she was doing well when I departed the hospital about 5PM yesterday. As my luck would have it the Mapquest directions had the left and right turns reversed and before I could blink an eye I was in historic downtown Boston (clueless as to which way to go). I drove around following a taxi for a while, happened up on a group of striking workers, and the police were there. The officers we kind enough to point me on to Boston Children's Hospital. I was only a few blocks away (amazing!). I enjoyed the day visiting with Jim and Laurie. Their calmness amazes me! They took pity on me and Jim programmed a GPS unit to get me out of Boston and back to Wenham. Since I was leaving at 5PM, I knew the traffic would be heavy. To add to my experience, the Red Sox were playing at Fenway Park. I was in a colossal traffic jam for the next hour and a half. If not for the GPS, I would still be wandering about Boston.

I will work on posting more pictures if Mart will give up the camera for a few minutes. We appreciate your prayers. We have received tremendous strength from all of you!


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