Sunday, July 15, 2007

Got on the plane Friday to leave for NYC...somewhere over Virginia I looked out the window at 35,000 ft. and was awed by the white blanket of clouds. Not that I'd never seen them before, but our friends John and Drexel had been much on my mind for most of the flight. It was God's way of saying, "They're in good hands" I suppose. At any rate, I strained to see them walking out across the puffy road to the heavens. Maybe it was my emotions or just the second Jack and water I had, but tears flowed down my face for the first time in a week. They were warm and comforting, though obviously disconcerting to others on the plane. Will arrive in NYC soon. Will be so glad to see everyone! For now, just enjoying my moment alone...not exactly alone...John, Drexel, and God...They make good company! To everyone to whom I have not said lately, "I love you!"

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