Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Evening Update

6 p.m. here. We just finished supper..."Dinner" they call it up here. Everyone is settling in well. Boys meeting girls. Girls meeting boys. Etc. Etc. Second great day on our missions projects. Our group is working at a jr. high school in Lynn, mass. painting the outside doors and moving furniture in the classrooms onto the newly-waxed floors. the school needs a LOT more work than we'll be able to do this week. makes you appreciate elba city school facilities!

the camp theme for the week is IMAGINE. a great worship time last night. we revisited the stories from luke one that we just finished at ccc. today's focus is on "acceptance"...the acceptance we receive from Christ and the acceptance we should give others.

weather has been beautiful, though we did dispatch mary to target yesterday to purchase fans for our unairconditioned dorms.

we are gathering pics from the youth from the train trip and other shots. mary should be able to post more photos later tonight and tomorrow.

please feel free to comment or ask questions. i'm going to try to get some of the youth to respond tomorrow.

worship at 7 p.m. erin spengemann (sp?), a samford grad, is our camp pastor. worship leader is from cullman. so...even in boston, we alabamians are still holding forth!!

all i have for to all at home, mart.

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