Thursday, July 19, 2007

Breakfast:30 Thursday

Having breakfast with mary, rhonda, katelyn, syd, and meredith...discussing the schedule for our last full day of camp. today will be our last trip to our mission projects. most of the projects have been in the community of Lynn, southeast of Wenham. rhonda and whitley have been working on a children's carnival at east lynn baptist church, dr kevin, the pastor, is from wales...they have enjoyed his heavy welch accent! syd's project is at zion church, they have been clearing out for new landscaping at the church, which desperately needs the work. clearing vines, cutting branches, etc. the church was started by former slaves who moved north and found the churches here not to be as welcoming as they thought, so they started their own. both congregations are trying to reach a large cambodian population in lynn. much work to be done with the cambodian youth, in particular, who often find their "community" within local gangs, the churches are trying to provide an alternative. meredith has been painting benches at a community park. today she is working in a high school helping clean desks, the cafeteria. katelyn is also painting, the inside of a church in lynn....nameless at this point!

yesterday we had a free afternoon and took a ride up through the coastal towns of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Magnolia, and Gloucester...where the movie "The Perfect Storm" was filmed. beautiful scenery! it is amazing how the coast can look so different from the sugar sands of the FL panhandle. boats, bouys, lighthouses dotting the landscape....everything you've seen in a New England calendar or travel guide!

We had a sumptous meal at The Gull, a restaurant in Gloucester which overlooked a small harbor of boats. a nice diversion from "camp" food and a wonderful end to a few hours of soaking up the New England scenery.

now we're off to morning devotions, then morning celebration....more later!


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Michial said...

Thanks for the updates and great pictures. Makes me homesick for Massachusetts!